‘Reef Saudi’ Invests USD16.2 Million to Elevate Saudi Arabia’s Coffee Production

‘Reef Saudi’ Invests USD16.2 Million to Elevate Saudi Arabia’s Coffee Production

– ‘Reef Saudi’ injects $16.2 million to enhance Saudi Arabia’s coffee production, aiming to reach 7,000 tons annually by 2026.

– Since 2020, the initiative has already invested SR61 million, benefiting 3,718 individuals involved in coffee cultivation and production.

– Through strategic efforts, including promoting best agricultural practices and establishing processing units and model farms, ‘Reef Saudi’ aims to boost the coffee sector’s contribution to the Kingdom’s agricultural economy.

With an ambitious vision, ‘Reef Saudi’ aims to escalate annual coffee production to an impressive 7,000 tons by 2026.

The ‘Reef Saudi’ initiative, focused on Sustainable Agricultural Rural Development, is revolutionizing the Kingdom’s coffee industry. Since 2020, an initial investment of SR61 million has empowered 3,718 individuals engaged in coffee cultivation and production.

This commitment signals a transformative surge in Saudi Arabia’s coffee output, soaring from 800 tons in 2020 to 1,485 tons in 2023, marking a remarkable 37% increase.

The initiative strives to position coffee cultivation as a lucrative cash crop, diversifying the agricultural sector and fostering self-sufficiency while diminishing reliance on imports.

Moreover, ‘Reef Saudi’ is poised to generate employment opportunities, particularly for youth, and enhance the income prospects of producers, thus uplifting rural livelihoods.

‘Reef Saudi’ intends to provide financial assistance, promote best agricultural practices, and introduce innovative harvesting methods to minimize waste.

The establishment of cooperative societies and marketing centers is in progress to ensure the sustainability of coffee cultivation.

Supporting infrastructure projects like rainwater harvesting and irrigation system development, coupled with financial aid and capacity-building, are integral aspects of ‘Reef Saudi.

Strategic initiatives include setting up coffee processing units and model farms in key regions like Al-Baha, Asir, and Jazan to fortify the coffee sector.

By fostering an enabling environment for small agricultural producers and facilitating market access, ‘Reef Saudi’ contributes significantly to food security, rural prosperity, environmental conservation, and sustainable resource management.

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