GrubTech Raises $2 Million in Seed Funding

GrubTech Raises $2 Million in Seed Funding

GrubTech, an end to end SaaS platform powering cloud kitchens and online food deliveries, has raised $2 million in Seed funding. The startup announced in a statement that the funding is from “the region’s industry captains and family offices”.

This Dubai-based foodtech startup facilitates the expedited activation and scaling of various concepts and brands. Changing customer behaviors and the impact of COVID-19 has created a need for digital disruption in an otherwise tech-scarce sector.

The funds will help accelerate GrubTech’s product roadmap and to maximize online revenues as they navigate the impact of COVID-19. Co-founder and CEO of GrubTech, Mohamed Al Fayed said, “Given GrubTech’s pandemic resilient business model and bluechip team, the investor community was highly engaged and supportive during the funding process.”

“GrubTech’s vision is to revolutionize the landscape of the foodservice industry by offering the best technology to let anyone start, run and scale their food business online in the fastest way possible,” said Mohamed Al Fayed. “GrubTech is built from the ground up, keeping the restaurant and food delivery business in mind. It uses the latest frameworks and technology stacks for catering to a wide range of scenarios and clients,” he added. 

The company has several products. GrubONE, deploys menus across various channels and automates orders from food aggregators into a unified dashboard. GrubTech also creates hyper in-kitchen efficiencies through its smart kitchen display system. Additionally, it has integrated with various third-party logistics providers and POS systems to accelerate brand onboarding and activation. It has developed an AI-driven marketing solution that allows restaurants to segment customers and manage digital and social media campaigns.   

GrubTech investors are keen on investing in disruptive foodtech companies globally. Mohamed Al Fayed confirms that GrubTech implementing its solution in over 100 restaurants, including large franchises. It is also being incorporated into a pipeline of cloud kitchen operators. GrubTech is accelerating the development of its products to meet the surge in market demand.

Al Fayed says that GrubTech is currently focusing on the MENA region. But given GrubTech’s easily scalable technology we certainly intend on entering key markets in South East Asia, Latin America and Europe by 2021”, says Al Fayed.

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