Vertical Farming Startup KRISPR Raises $600,000 in Pre-Seed

Vertical Farming Startup KRISPR Raises $600,000 in Pre-Seed
Source: Smithsonian Magazine

KRISPR, an urban indoor vertical farming startup, has raised $600,000 in pre-seed funding. The funding round was led by KAIZEN FZCO, a family office based in Dubai, UAE. Proceeds will be deployed towards setting up the company’s urban indoor vertical farming pilot in Dubai Investment Park.

KRISPR’s aeroponic vertical farming approach addresses a significant gap in the region’s local fresh food supply chain, where harsh climate conditions, water scarcity, and non-arable land have rendered conventional agriculture challenging. Given over 80% of fresh produce in the UAE is imported, KRISPR’s localized urban indoor vertical farms will provide locally grown clean and nutritious food. This kind of farming allows the Gulg country food self-sufficiency.

The pilot will commercially test baby greens, herbs, tomatoes, and strawberries in an aeroponic indoor controlled environment. It will grow high quality, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables sustainably, without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Initially, the products will be for sale in the Dubai market.

“The post-COVID-19 environment has clearly demonstrated the need for localized supply chains, especially for essential goods and services, and KRISPR is committed to tackling the GCC region’s food security challenges head-on. While we address a critical consumer need for clean and nutritious food, we are also excited to partner with hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets across the GCC region to deliver high-quality, fresh, and beyond organic produce locally”, said Khadija Hasan, KRISPR Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“It may sound a bit grandiose to talk of providing fresh, clean and chemical-free food everywhere in the world, but then clean and nutritious food is a real challenge and we all must have the courage to recognize it for what it is and also have the courage to dream the big dream and then make it happen. I strongly believe that KRISPR and others like it are going to meet this challenge and we on our part have an obligation to support this effort”, said Ameer Hamza Hassan, KAIZEN Chairman.

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