GYF Announces “Walk the Walk Rally” to Promote Active Aging in Egypt

GYF Announces “Walk the Walk Rally” to Promote Active Aging in Egypt
Dina Hashish, Founder of the Golden Years Foundation

•  Egypt’s elderly population, aged 65 and over, comprises over 8.6% (approximately 9 million), as reported by CAPMAS, highlighting the growing need for initiatives promoting active and dignified aging.

•  The Golden Years Foundation (GYF), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering older persons for fulfilling and healthy lives, announces its annual “Walk the Walk Rally” for 2024, aiming to support the rapidly growing elderly population in Egypt and the Middle East.

•  With Egypt’s Ministry of Health anticipating a rise to 22 million elderly individuals by 2050, GYF addresses the needs of this underserved population through various initiatives, fostering a community of over 55,000 members and offering essential services, support networks, and advocacy programs for healthy aging.

Egypt’s demographic landscape is rapidly evolving, with a significant portion of its population aged 65 and over, estimated at over 7.4 million individuals, according to CAPMAS data. 

This demographic shift underscores the critical importance of initiatives geared toward fostering active and healthy aging among older persons.

In response to this demographic trend, the Golden Years Foundation (GYF), a prominent Egyptian non-profit organization dedicated to empowering older individuals to lead fulfilling and healthy lives, has announced its highly anticipated annual “Walk the Walk Rally” for 2024. 

This rally serves as a cornerstone event in GYF’s efforts to promote active aging and well-being among the elderly population in Egypt and the wider Middle East region.

At the core of GYF’s mission is the empowerment of older persons through various initiatives aimed at enhancing their quality of life. 

These initiatives include the establishment of an online community to foster social awareness, the provision of support networks for families and caregivers, and the facilitation of connections to essential services tailored to the unique needs of older individuals.

Dina Hashish, Founder of the Golden Years Foundation, highlighted the organization’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of Egypt’s aging population. 

With projections indicating that the number of older persons in Egypt may reach 22 million by 2050, GYF has positioned itself as a vital resource for this segment of the population. Since its establishment in 2021, GYF has successfully cultivated a community of over 55,000 members, providing them with essential services and advocating for programs that promote active living.

The annual “Walk the Walk Rally” serves as a platform for GYF to further its mission by connecting older individuals with a diverse range of activities and resources aimed at promoting physical, social, and emotional well-being. 

The event, which has garnered significant support from government entities such as the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is set to take place on Saturday, May 11th, at Merryland Heliopolis Park.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive program featuring live entertainment, fitness activities, and opportunities to connect with service providers specializing in older persons’ needs. 

The rally represents an inclusive gathering that welcomes older individuals seeking engagement and families looking to support their loved ones in their journey towards healthy aging.

As Egypt’s population continues to age, initiatives like the “Walk the Walk Rally” play a crucial role in promoting active and dignified aging, ultimately contributing to the well-being and vitality of older individuals across the country.

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