How RedCrow is Helping People Navigate Attacks in Israel

How RedCrow is Helping People Navigate Attacks in Israel
Source: TRT World

Israel continues its onslaught on Palestinians which has escalated in the Holy month of Ramadan. The violence has led to the death of at least 49 Palestinians and 5 Israelis. A Palestinian startup is trying to find ways to keep people, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations safe.

With the surge in violence over the past couple of weeks, the startup will offer its services for free to everyone in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza, Hussein Nasser Eddin, RedCrow’s CEO tells WAYA. This measure will give those living in Israel live updates about the current situation. “Anything that might affect the safety of civilians, our platform will notify them with quick image updates,” RedCrow’s CEO says.

Ramallah-based RedCrow Intelligence provides detailed reports for clients working in conflict zones, drawing on raw data from open-source information, human intelligence sources, and social networks. They compile this information and after fact-checking, distribute it via their app and an online platform. They have developed Arabic (NLP) algorithms to understand the spoken 5 dialects of the Arabic language. The startup’s system is supported with maps that show the locations of various real-time incidents such as explosions, airstrikes, shootings, clashes and it could also warn of extreme weather like floods and sand storms.

RedCrow’s reports and updates help governmental organizations, NGOs, foreign delegations, and individuals navigate the dangerous terrain and numerous Israeli checkpoints. RedCrow provides reports and updates to clients, mainly humanitarian organizations, and independent subscribers at a cost. However, with ongoing attacks, the startup has chosen to offer its services for free, hoping to keep as many people safe as possible.

“Basically we are helping the organizations who help people in these circumstances and individual as well,” Nasser Eddin says to WAYA. The startup helps NGOs and humanitarian groups take effective steps to help those affected by the violent attacks of the settlers and gives them a safe route to the location of the attacks. While also signaling civilians to avoid places where there are incidents.

RedCrow currently operates in Palestine as well as other MENA countries including Syria, Jordan, and Sudan. Their clients include Amnesty International, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and the Rijksoverheid (Government of Netherlands).

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