Hydrant Ensures Its Customers Stay hydrated

John Sherwin and Jai Jung Kim created a powder mix filled with electrolytes to help combat dehydration.
Hydrant Ensures Its Customers Stay hydrated
John Sherwin and Jai Jung Kim founded Hydrant in 2018. Source: Hydrant

Staying hydrated is important to maintain a healthy functioning body. It helps regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Also, being well-hydrated improves sleep quality, mental capacity, and mood.

Hydrant is well aware of the importance of staying hydrated. The business is centered on keeping customers hydrated. John Sherwin and Jai Jung Kim founded the New-York-based startup in 2018. They realized that they were always tired due to chronic dehydration, so they started trying hydration products. However, they found that they were too sugary, tasted bad, or didn’t offer the right mix of electrolytes to rapidly hydrate the body. Consequently, they started to look for healthy ways to increase hydration through electrolytes.

Hydrant’s powder mix has a specific ratio of electrolytes and a bit of sugar to speed up the absorption of water in the digestive system. Sherwin studied at Oxford and graduated with a BA in biological sciences before Hydrant. He has researched the water solution to increase the speed of hydration.

Hydrant offers two products: Rapid Hydration and Rapid Hydration + Caffeine. Once customers purchase the powdered mix, which comes in boxes of 30 packets costing $38, they simply pour the powder into water, mix then drink.

This month, the startup raised $5.7 million in a Series A funding round. Hydrant plans on using this latest funding round to invest in talent, foster new product innovation, and invest in analytics to “double down on the data-driven DNA” of the company.

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