Dina El-Mofty Partners with Mindvalley to Empower Entrepreneurs

Dina El-Mofty Partners with Mindvalley to Empower Entrepreneurs

In the past two years, there has been massive shifts and change imposed by the pandemic. It has affected all aspects of the global economy. One of the most impacted sectors remains the education and entrepreneurship sectors. In the midst of the pandemic emerged a new kind of learning, e-learning or online learning. This concept, though not new, suddenly became the only viable option to continue learning while also remaining safe during the pandemic.

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Dina El-Mofty, Founder of Injaz Egypt tells WAYA about the most important challenges facing the education sector in the region, and her partnership with Mindvalley. As an affiliate for MENA, El-Mofty will be supporting the education of young people as they learn the skills they need to grow into leaders and entrepreneurs. The partnership provides an opportunity for young people to obtain specialized education in leadership skills, development, and personal growth.

When asked about the most important challenges facing the edtech field and entrepreneurship ecosystem as a whole in the region, El- Mofty emphasized that the need for greater edtech investments and continuous learning is the most important, stating that the challenges posed by the pandemic reaffirm this need.  

El explains that “We have been working with young entrepreneurs and startups for over a decade, we witnessed the various challenges that are faced all throughout the entrepreneurial journey. We’ve observed over the years much of what will make or break you as an entrepreneur is how much personal work you have done. How have you developed your mindset in the face of challenge and adversity, how have you developed and grown as a leader, how you grow and lead your team with ownership and empowerment. These are critical areas to success on our entrepreneurial journeys.”

Mindvalley was founded in 2002 to provide educational content that focuses primarily on the development of soft skilsl in individuals. The platform teaches its users to develop their leadership abilities, teamwork skills, and other skills that enable them to work better.

“I am very excited to introduce Mindvalley to our region, it is the world’s largest edu-tech company in personal growth and leadership transformation. Mindvalley caters to over 15 million people from 80 different countries and works with thousands of entrepreneurs hundreds of corporate leadership teams around the world. In the past decade, Mindvalley consolidated the most advanced ideas, and teachings from the world’s top experts on topics ranging from achieving peak performance at work to mindfulness, personal growth, and well-being all on one incredibly inspiring platform,” says El-Mofty.

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