Ministry of Education Activates Payment Portal for Public Schools

Ministry of Education Activates Payment Portal for Public Schools

Egypt’s Ministry of Education has launched electronic payment services for public school fees, in cooperation with e-finance, and the payment management and digital collection platform, KlickIt, for all public schools across Egypt. This comes as part of the efforts to implement the Egyptian state’s strategy for digital transformation and within
the initiatives to facilitate the provision of government services to citizens.

Under the joint cooperation between the Ministry of Education, e-finance, and KlickIt, parents of students in all Egyptian public schools, starting from the current academic year, can pay their children’s school fees easily, safely, and directly through an electronic platform on the internet, which is the first of its kind. Thus, it digitizes payments for the Egyptian public education sector, as families can pay for their children’s education using debit or credit cards online.

KlickIt is the partner of choice for over 55,000 educational entities, including prominent institutions as well as schools and nurseries, with 500+ million EGP successfully processed payment transactions. The cooperation also includes making the payment of expenses digitally available through the “Khales” network of mass services for digital retail payments, and a subsidiary of e-finance. Its network of outlets includes Aman, Masary, Moken, Sadad, and other services, and allows parents to pay expenses at any time and through thousands of POS machines located all over the Egyptian Republic. Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman and Managing Director of e- finance has said recently that Khales is one of two e-finance subsidiaries that could be listed soon.

The newly launched online payment portal is designed to be easy to navigate and simple to use by both students and their parents. It was soft-launched for Thanaweya Amma Grade Appeals fees collection when thousands
of students successfully paid their fees online using their debit/credit cards in a smooth and error-free payment process. Currently, the portal is authorized and running, receiving the school fees for the first term of the academic year from 27 Egyptian governorates.

The portal – which is the first of its kind in the history of the Egyptian educational payment system – comes along with a bundle of efficient solutions. It eliminates the nuisances and inconveniences surrounding school fee collections and puts an end to the complex challenge of inaccurate payment tracking via different payment channels. Moreover, it speeds up the public schools’ payment processes and guarantees 24\7 accessibility. Parents and students no longer need to spend hours queuing in schools or post offices since the portal is just a few clicks away.

“E-Finance has assumed multiple pivotal tasks to implement the digital transformation strategy in Egypt, and today it harnesses its extensive experience in introducing Egyptian public schools within the umbrella of advanced electronic and digital services, which has become one of the most important features of government agencies in the
new republic,” said Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman and Managing Director of e- finance. “We are proud of our pioneering role in developing the digital payments infrastructure in Egypt, and we are pleased with this partnership with the Ministry of Education, and our cooperation with KlickIt to provide a wide range of electronic payment options in line with our ambitious goals to digitize all vital sectors in Egypt.”

“The transition to electronic payment in public schools in Egypt is a new step to digitize the sector and represents a new development that coincides with developments in the educational process itself in Egypt.” said Hossam El-Goly, Managing Director of the financial institutions operating technology company, e-finance. “The Ministry of Education adopts an ambitious plan to develop education in Egypt, and it relies heavily on adopting modern technologies in teaching and assessment. This ambitious vision `needs more smart infrastructure development processes, which is what e-finance is working on, whether indirectly through many previous projects to prepare the sector in order to benefit from digital transformation, or directly, such as the current cooperation with the ministry and KlickIt.”

“Collaborating with the Ministry of Education in Egypt has been our goal since the start of our education payment solutions. We take pride in being the first private payment solution company in the history of Egypt to integrate electronic portal solutions within the arm and vision of the Ministry of Education and its new strategy of digital
transformation in Egypt,” said Mr. Saeed Talaat, Co-founder and CEO of KlickIt, adding, “Now with the online payment portal up and running, parents, students, and public schools are privileged with 100% secured and trusted fees collection services that fasten and ease the process of paying public schools fees without having to worry about their sensitive data being leaked or stolen.”

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