Instagram apologizes for randomly suspending hundreds of accounts

Instagram apologizes for randomly suspending hundreds of accounts
Image Credits: Marca

On Monday morning, thousands of users woke up to find that their Instagram accounts have been randomly suspended, often without having violated community guidelines.

They took to Twitter to complain about the issue, panicking at the sudden loss of a social platform that so many of them have come to depend on for income or entertainment.

Some users also reported losing thousands of followers, an issue that is much harder to resolve than the first. The bug affected accounts of all sizes and types, including Motherboard, a company under Vice.

On its communications account, Instagram promptly apologized for the inconvenience, and later posted that both bugs have successfully been resolved.

Downdetector, which tracks issues with social media sites, recorded close to 8,000 complaints shortly after 2 PM, with a huge spike around 3 PM. The issues were resolved the next day at 12 PM, marking a 22-hour long global outage.

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