Insurtech provider Estafsar, Al Wataniya partner to drive Egypt’s insurance innovation

Insurtech provider Estafsar, Al Wataniya partner to drive Egypt’s insurance innovation

Estafsar, a leading insurtech provider in Egypt, has officially partnered with Al Wataniya, a prominent insurance company, to utilize technology and penetrate the Egyptian insurance market.

“We are thrilled to partner with Al Wataniya, a well-established insurance company in Egypt,” said Amr Darwish, CEO of Estafsar. 

Speaking more about insurtech, Darwish told WAYAMedia that it refers to companies using innovative technology to streamline the insurance process, from purchasing insurance policies to filing claims. 

“This includes using mobile apps for insurance purchases, automated underwriting, and digital claims processing. 

“By leveraging technology, insurtech companies aim to provide more efficient and cost-effective insurance solutions, making insurance more accessible and affordable.

Darwish adds:”This partnership is proof on our expertise in the Insurtech sector and our ability to provide innovative solutions to enhance such an industry. We are confident that this partnership will positively impact Estafsar and Al Wataniya as we work together to revolutionize the insurance industry in Egypt.”

The insurance company, Al Wataniya, will further enhance its products and services and provide more benefits to its customers through such a partnership. With this partnership, the company’s main goal is to increase its reach, add new leads, and cooperate with prospective clients, maximizing its insurance branches’ benefits.

The partnership highlights Estafsar’s Insurtech dynamics with its various stakeholders, from insurance companies, brokers, and beneficiaries. 

“The goal of our company and, by extension, the partnership is to push the insurance penetration in Egypt closer to 4.2% as we see in the Indian market,” the CEO added to this website.

Al Wataniya has positioned itself since its launch in 2020 to be a leading insurance company that has established itself as a leader in many insurance categories. 

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