KAPITA Launches First Iraqi Dedicated Angel Network

KAPITA Launches First Iraqi Dedicated Angel Network

KAPITA launches Iraq’s first Angel Investor Network – IAIN – that is dedicated to connecting startups with angel investors in order to develop the Iraqi entrepreneurship ecosystem. The network is sponsored by the German Government through GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation).

The network is the first attempt at an institutionalized investment vehicle Iraqi startups. It helps founders access the knowledge, experience and connections they require, along with funding to scale and grow their business. The network is also technically supported by the World Bank.

Kapita has recently announced the graduation of 20 startups from its incubation program “Orange Corners Baghdad” in collaboration with the Netherland government. Currently, it is accepting applications for the next edition of the program. Kapita is also running an accelerator program in partnership with GIZ and AsiaCell that focuses on scaling and growing existing startups.

The network includes prominent Iraqi angel investors including Shwan Taha and Mohammed Khudairi; both of whom have recently invested in the leading e-commerce platform in Iraq – Miswag. The network also includes Yazen Abu Galal, Amar Shubar and Ahmed Tabaqchali, in addition to a group of distinguished Iraqi entrepreneurs and leading businessmen.

Mujahid Waisi, the CEO and founder of KAPITA has played a key role in shaping up the ecosystem of Iraq. He commented, “The Iraqi ecosystem has grown and expanded rapidly over the past few years, Kapita aims to support startups along their journey from incubation to funding”. Ali Al Suhail, the Fund Manager at the Network and who has recently completed his MBA at London Business School added, “Access to finance remains one of the key issues facing Iraqi entrepreneurs, the network will provide startups with an institutionalized path to access capital for all Iraqi entrepreneurs”.

Active investors in the Iraqi Angel Investors Network:
● Shwan Ibrahim Taha, Chairman of Rabee Securities
● Mohammed Khudairi, Managing Partner of Khudairi Group
● Yazen Abu Gulal, Managing Partner at YAG Capital
● Dr. Alaa J Mousa, CEO of EarthLink Telecommunications
● Jaafar Al Musawi, CEO of Atlas Plast
● Mohamed Al-Hakim, General Manager of Careem in Iraq and Jordan
● Bahaaddin Salim, Co-founder and CEO of NASS Al-Iraq Holding
● Hasan Al-Yassen, CEO of Baghdad Gate Services
● Ali Tariq, Executive Director at Iraqi Private Banks League
● Nour Sabri, Associate Partner at IBM
● Omar Al-Handal, Asset Management Executive at Al-Handal International Group
● Hadi Al-Haidari, CEO of Rawnaq Aldur Company
● Ali Beyatli, Owner of Green Hills
● Amar Shubar, Partner at Management Partner
● Ahmed Tabaqchali, Economic Expert
● Samer Abed, Managing Director at PetrolLog Technologies
● Halat Aziz
● Rawaz Raouf, Commercial and Regulatory Advisor at Fanoos Telecom
● Zaid Fadhel, Founder of Iraqi Cinema
● Mohammed Shaikley, Senior Director of Investments and M&A at AMEA Power
● Ammar Al Sharifi, Managing Director ALTAYM General Trading Ltd.

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