Trukkin Expands its Operations to Pakistan

Trukkin Expands its Operations to Pakistan
Source: Trukkin

Trukkin, a UAE-based techno-logistics startup, has launched its operations in Pakistan. The startup is entering the transportation industry in Pakistan with its world-class IoT-enabled infrastructure.

Trukkin solves the inherent problems of the transportation industry by providing a platform for shippers, transporters, brokers and truck drivers in one seamless, integrated platform. Trukkin simplifies payments, standardizes documentation and waybills, and helps increase profits for its users.

The transportation industry in Pakistan has been growing at a CAGR of over 18% since 2017 and is valued at over $35 billion. According to Pakistan Infrastructure Implementation Capacity Assessment, inefficiencies in Pakistan’s generally unorganized transportation sector costs their economy nearly Rs. 500 billion annually, which is between 4-5% of the GDP.

This prompted Trukkin to step in and help Pakistan revolutionize and organize the transportation and logistics industry with their technology-driven solutions. With road conditions and the length of motorways and expressways in Pakistan improving by the day, it is only time before Pakistan will reap the benefits of organized, well-managed transportations services such as Trukkin.

“Today’s launch of Trukkin in Pakistan is the beginning of a new movement that will completely revolutionize the way the transportation industry functions,” said Janardan Dalmia, Founder and CEO of Trukkin. “At Trukkin, we aim to empower everyone involved in the transportation business—from truck drivers to brokers, shippers and transportation fleet owners, using cutting-edge technology to replace archaic systems that are prone to human error and fraud. This will help in reducing transportation timelines and associated costs while increasing profits for everyone involved.”

Trukkin helps shippers choose the right truck for their load through their intuitive interface. This reduces shipping costs and reduces incidents of theft and fraud through Trukkin’s verified pool of drivers and transporters.

Transporters benefit by using Trukkin’s revolutionary, IoT-driven navigation systems that decrease fuel costs and transportation timelines. Brokers on the Trukkin platform take advantage of their seamless interface, a large pool of drivers, shippers and transporters, and Trukkin’s fuss-free payments to ensure peace of mind.

Truck drivers get access to Trukkin’s innovative software that helps them concentrate on the drive while guiding them to the nearest pit stops, fueling stations and service depots en route. They also get paid on time through Trukkin’s revolutionary payment systems, reducing stress and increasing productivity and focus on the road.

Trukkin aims to be the leading transportation player in Pakistan, empowering and enabling every entity involved in the transportation business to reap the benefits of efficiency, transparency and reliability.

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