KarmSolar Launches Water Solutions Division: KarmWater

KarmSolar Launches Water Solutions Division: KarmWater

Solar power developer and distributor KarmSolar has launched its new water solutions division KarmWater, starting with a solar-powered water desalination project in Marsa Alam. The flagship project agreement stipulates building KarmSolar’s first water desalination plant for Marsa Shagra Resort.

KarmWater design, build and operate made-to-measure solar-powered desalination stations that provide fresh water to clients through Water Purchase Agreements (WPAs).

Water desalination plants are costly to operate due to the high electricity costs associated with the technology. Leveraging KarmSolar’s expertise, solar-powered water desalination plants significantly cut energy costs, thus incurring much lower operational costs for the plant. This makes water desalination much more accessible and attractive to potential clients.

“The launch of KarmWater is a major landmark in the growth of the KarmSolar Group. Securing our first agreement with Marsa Shagra resort validates the solution for us and the market, and motivates us to expand our water solutions commercial offering. Given the state of water resources in Egypt today, we’re proud to be among the entities working to provide effective solutions that are accessible to more clients.” – KarmSolar CEO Ahmed Zahran.

The flagship project for Marsa Shagra is a solar-powered water desalination plant that produces 200 m3/day of potable water. This capacity covers 100% of Marsa Shagra’s water needs. Since the project is set up under a Water Purchase Agreement, Marsa Shagra is not subject to any upfront investment and will purchase sustainable renewables-powered water at a significant reduction from their previous water price.

The KarmWater team is also working on solar-integrated water storage solutions that will allow agricultural sector clients to pump and store water cost-effectively, using solar energy, to be used later for irrigation. The team hopes to introduce this technology to the market in the near future as a potential solution to help alleviate nationwide water deficits and inaccessibility.

The launch of KarmWater signals KarmSolar’s evolution into a multi-utility enterprise that now offers energy, water, and sustainable and energy-efficient architecture design solutions through KarmSolar, KarmWater, and Karm Architecture Lab, respectively. KarmSolar intends to offer fully integrated solutions to its clients and to act as their utility partner by investing in their energy and water infrastructures. 

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