Vacsera to Open Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in November 2021

Vacsera to Open Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in November 2021

Vacsera’s new covid vaccine manufacturing facility is set to open at the end of November, Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly said during a visit to the factory yesterday. The facility, located in 6 October, will produce 3 million doses every day, or 1 billion doses annually.

The facility will produce an Egypt-made match to China’s Sinovac, using Sinovac’s manufacturing tech and know-how. The locally produced vaccine adheres to international specifications and standards and has been approved by the WHO.

Vacsera’s Director, Dr. Heba Wali confirmed in a phone interview with Sada Al-Balad TV channel last week that the first million doses of the Vacsera-Sinovac vaccine are ready for use after being delivered to the Ministry of Health. The doses were produced locally and approved by the Medicines Authority.

Heba Wali said that a team is working more than 19 hours per day to produce the local Sinovac vaccine.

She explained that the political leadership wants to achieve self-sufficiency in COVID-19 vaccine production.

It is equally important to the government to be able to have a stock of vaccines to export through the Middle East and Africa. The Vacsera factory will help position Egypt as a vaccine-making hub for export on a continental level. Health Minister, Hala Zayed, stated that a vaccine “recognized in 100% of countries” will be manufactured in partnership with an unnamed Europe-based vaccine maker. These negotiations are reportedly at an advanced stage, bringing hope that there will be alternatives to the Sinovac for those who are skeptical about it.

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