Labayh, Saudi Arabia’s healthtech startup, acquires Nafas app

Labayh, Saudi Arabia’s healthtech startup, acquires Nafas app

Labayh acquired Abu Dhabi-based meditation app Nafas. Labayh stated that the acquisition deal comes within its strategy to create a unique experience for the customer, in order to contribute to enhancing the position of psychological well-being in the Arab world.

The Nafas application helps people to cope with anxiety and stress, control mental and physical stress, and improve sleep quality, using mechanisms approved by experts and specialists.

“I am happy with this announcement after months of hard work between the Labaih and Nafs teams. I believe that the acquisition is a major turning point in the mental health sector in the Middle East, as it will allow the Arab user to find an integrated mental health experience in one place,” Saif Al-Esayi, CEO of Nafs, said.

Through the acquistion, Labayh will work to open new horizons for its brand and help it penetrate new markets and expand its customer base by reaching a new segment, benefiting from its strong presence and widespread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries.

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