LinkedIn to roll out new visual content creation tools

LinkedIn to roll out new visual content creation tools
Image Credits: LinkedIn

Responding to a 20% year-on-year increase in visual content use on LinkedIn, the company announced it will be rolling out new features targeted at content creators that are designed to make it easier to post visual content on the platform.

The updates include the ability to add a clickable link to images and videos, create quick posts with templates, and share swipeable content with carousels.

Clickable links are designed to drive more audience to a user’s website, newsletter or event by making it more accessible to users whether they’re on or off LinkedIn. To add a clickable link, users can simply create a new post on mobile with an image or video, tap the “Add a link” icon, and add their custom URL. 

Templates are also designed to grab users’ attention, and make it easier than ever to make eye-catching posts that stand out in users’ feed. To use it, creators can simply tap “Post” on mobile, select “Use a template” to access a variety of backgrounds and fonts, then customize them with text.

Finally, LinkedIn is rolling out carousels, “a new content format that allows you to mix images and videos to help your community learn in a digestible way.” Unlike the last two features, which will be available in the coming weeks, carousels were immediately made available to users with the announcement, which it plans to tweak and release more widely later this year.

With 830 million users, LinkedIn has ramped up its efforts to attract content creators to its platform, launching a $25 million creator fund in September 2021. Through the Creator Accelerator Program, creators will go through a 6-week incubator of coaching, where they will have access to resources and a network that can help them bring their concepts to life, learn how to grow their audience, and engage the LinkedIn community.

They will also receive a financial award and early access to LinkedIn tools to start conversations and connect to meaningful opportunities on the platform.

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