MoonDAO just sent a viral YouTuber to space

MoonDAO just sent a viral YouTuber to space
Image Credits: CoinDesk

MoonDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization with an ambition to host parties on the moon, has successfully sent Coby Cotton, a member of the viral YouTube group Dude Perfect, to space this Thursday.

Having minted his “Ticket to Space” NFT, the 5,000 DAO members proceeded to vote for Coby to be their first astronaut representative, using more than $8 million collected in a crowdfunding campaign to purchase his ticket to the moon.

Coby then embarked on Blue Origin, a Jeff Bezos space tourism program that sends regular people into space for around 12 minutes at a time, with five other first-time astronauts.

“I’m just kind of in love with the idea of DAOs in general, I think that they have a lot of promise, like a tool set for people to collaborate and coordinate online,” said Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz, leader of MoonDAO and former member of ConstitutionDAO. “When you buy an NFT, you know, it’s pretty abstract. The idea that you could be selected to go into space because of it, now that’s interesting.”

Moncada-Larrotiz further revealed that MoonDAO has already chosen an individual, as well as several alternatives, for the second moon trip using an on-chain randomizer from Chainlink, and purchased their ticket.

Launching the MOONEY token, MoonDAO’s native cryptocurrency, and sending members to space complete phase one and two of the DAO’s mission. The third phase is to raise money for further space research and exploration in preparation for its fourth phase, the creation of its own Moon colony, and the fifth stage, to “have sweet Moon parties”, and ultimately “decentralize access to space.”

This achievement marks a new era in modern times, as it is estimated that only 600 people in total have ever been to space so far, and now one of them is a regular person who was sent by none other than MoonDAO.

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