Mrsool appoints Karim Gamal as Egypt’s country manager

Mrsool appoints Karim Gamal as Egypt’s country manager

Mrsool Company, on-demand services delivery startup, has announced the appointment of Karim Gamal as country manager of its office in Egypt.

Karim Gamal will lead Mrsool’s operations inside Egypt in order to promote growth during the upcoming period and keep pace with the increased demand from users.

“The plan that we will implement during the coming period is based on increasing the efficiency of providing service to users, whether through speed of response to requests, reducing delivery time and reducing the possibility of failure of the delivery process, with a focus on expanding delivery services from stores of various kinds to customers, as the company targets Double the number of stores that contract with Mrsool to provide delivery services,” Karim Gamal, Country Manager of Mrsool Egypt, stated.

Nearly 1.7 million Egyptian users of the Mrsool application depend on many important and vital services, whether peer-to-peer delivery services or delivery services from partners such as restaurants or stores and others, and aims to double the number of application users inside Egypt by the end of 2022.

Gamal indicated that the company currently has more than 140,000 delivery couriers registered on the application, and aims to reach one million delivery couriers in Egypt within 5 years, through a business model that ensures delivery couriers achieve profitability appropriate to the size of the effort they make to perform the service. that users of the application are waiting for.

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