Oman’s eMushrif Acquires Egyptian Edtech Startup Tareeqi

Oman’s eMushrif Acquires Egyptian Edtech Startup Tareeqi

IoT-enabled Transport startup eMushrif, has acquired Tareeqi, a Cairo-based EdTech startup.

eMushrif was established in 2016 and has succeeded in applying IoT to develop solutions to monitor the safety of students in school buses. With the help of these technologies, eMushrif swiftly converted traditional school buses to smart and safe school buses. The startup secured a $2.3 million Series A investment in December 2020.

Tareeqi is an application used to track schools, universities, and the bus fleets of institutions in the MENA region, without installing any expensive GPS devices. The founders Alfarouk Saleh and Mohamed Monier started Tareeqi back in 2018 to solve the problems that face millions of people daily, and will now be managing the expansion of eMushrif in the Egyptian market.

eMushrif’s expansion in Egypt comes as a preamble to eMushrif’s expansion into the North African market. This expansion also comes as part of eMushrif’s plans to attract more talent, as it works towards its mission of integrating IoT into people’s everyday lives. This acquisition is a continuation of eMushrif’s regional expansion plans, following its acquisition of MyRoute, a Kuwaiti startup specializing in bus tracking applications, allowing eMushrif to offer its services within the Kuwaiti market.

Adnan Al-Shuaili, CEO of eMushrif, commented on the deal “The launch of our operations in Egypt is an exceptional opportunity for us in eMushrif. This bold step unlocks our ability to offer our products to various regional sectors looking for innovation and simplicity in their business processes. This acquisition offers us the proximity we need to the North African markets. This acquisition also offers us the unique opportunity of attracting outstanding talents in the technical field to build a team capable of achieving our strategic goals in technical expansion.”

Al Farouk Saleh, the CEO of Tareeqi added “I’m so excited about this deal since eMushrif tries to solve the problems that we are trying to solve at Tareeqi, which luckily gives us an opportunity to continue working on our main purpose of building Tareeqi. Both companies try to make the daily bus trips easier for students, parents, school administrators, and bus drivers. Traditional school bus trips are full of delays and problems, and the hardest thing about them is that they are repeated daily. Millions of people worldwide face those problems daily, which motivates us to work hard to reach more people and make their lives a little bit easier. The expansion of eMushrif in Egypt will help the company in increasing its technical capabilities through building a big tech team in Egypt which is famous for having strong and experienced technical talents. The expansion will also enable eMushrif to access the major business opportunities found in the Markets of North Africa. We like the dream of eMushrif of becoming the leader of the IoT sector in the MENA region, and we’ll do our best to help make this dream come true.”

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