Openner launches Web3 venture studio Qurious Labs

Openner launches Web3 venture studio Qurious Labs

Qurious Labs is the first Web3 focused venture studio model to launch in MENA by Openner. Openner is a VC firm focused on early-stage startups.

Qurious Labs’ model serves to support entrepreneurs in MENA who are building web3 companies that utilize blockchain, digital currencies, NFTs, gaming as well as explore the Metaverse and decentralized applications leveraging. 

“We deeply believe that web3 will have the biggest impact on society and business since the introduction of the internet. Over half a million developers around the world are building the infrastructure that will shape an always-on, economically equitable future for society leveraging web3 and we’re excited to embark on this journey to bridge the gap between web3 and emerging marketing in the Middle East and North Africa,” said Ahmed El Wassimy, Studio Director at Qurious Labs.

The studio’s goal is to offer a complete ecosystem for builders to launch their web3 ventures and brands to explore web3 business models by supporting builders by being a one-stop shop for them to build and launch their web3 projects.

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