RasMal Expands Solutions with Acquisition of Pentugram

RasMal Expands Solutions with Acquisition of Pentugram

– RasMal, a Saudi-based platform for equity management tools, acquires Pentugram, a regional cloud-based SaaS platform simplifying investment processes for VC, PE, and angel investors.

– The acquisition marks RasMal’s inaugural venture into acquisitions and signifies its commitment to empowering the entrepreneurial ecosystem and streamlining fundraising and investment procedures.

– Pentugram’s clients will benefit from access to RasMal’s comprehensive suite of services, while RasMal will leverage Pentugram’s platform to provide feature-rich solutions for deal sourcing, portfolio management, reporting, and more to investors and fund managers.

RasMal, a platform based in Saudi Arabia specializing in equity management tools, announced its acquisition of Pentugram, marking RasMal’s inaugural venture into acquisitions. 

Pentugram, founded in 2018 by Hasan J. Zainal, who is also the founder and managing partner of Arzan VC, along with Miled Elias, is a regional cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that simplifies investment processes for venture capital (VC), private equity (PE), angel investors, and financial advisors. 

The platform streamlines the entire investment journey, from deal sourcing to portfolio management, providing convenient reporting capabilities to limited partners. Its client base includes VCs across the MENA region.

RasMal, established in Riyadh in 2019 by Basil Alkuraya, Nasser Al-Tamimi, and Salem Aljawini, has been instrumental in driving the entrepreneurial landscape in Saudi Arabia. As the pioneering cap table management platform in the Kingdom, RasMal has earned the trust of numerous local and regional partners.

The acquisition of Pentugram represents a significant milestone in RasMal’s mission to bolster the entrepreneurial ecosystem and streamline fundraising and investment processes. 

Pentugram’s clients will now have access to RasMal’s suite of services, while RasMal will leverage Pentugram’s platform to equip investors and fund managers with comprehensive solutions for deal sourcing, portfolio management, reporting, and more.

Nasser Al-Tamimi, RasMal’s co-founder and COO, expressed, “At RasMal, we share a common vision with Pentugram—to provide solutions that foster a more transparent and efficient investment environment in the region.

“This acquisition marks RasMal’s initial foray into expanding its offerings beyond private companies. In a market teeming with startups and capital, user-friendly tech solutions like ours play a critical role in ensuring the sustainability of the ecosystem.”

Hasan J. Zainal, co-founder of Pentugram, commented, “Pentugram was developed for VCs in the region, with Arzan VC utilizing it since 2018. Our objective was clear: centralizing data to enhance decision-making throughout the investment process, potentially unlocking additional value through future data analysis.

” I am confident that the platform’s further evolution, coupled with RasMal’s acquisition, will broaden its accessibility to a wider array of asset managers beyond venture capitalists, ultimately leading to enhanced returns for all users.”

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