RED launches an alliance of real estate marketers in Egypt

RED launches an alliance of real estate marketers in Egypt

RED has launched a new alliance in Egypt, which includes the largest real estate marketing companies in the market. RED has prepared an extensive study on the needs of the real estate market, as well as the relationship between the real estate marketer, the real estate developer and the client.

“The cooperation with distinguished real estate marketing companies was formed according to specific criteria so that these companies follow RED and work under its umbrella in order to work with a unified strategy and a harmonious style, which is positively reflected on all parties,” Khaled Bahig, Chairman and CEO of RED, said.

The RED collaboration consortium includes: Upstate Real Estate Investment and Marketing Company, Kayan Real Estate Marketing Company, The Midiator and  (ERA), Misr Elakareya Real Estate Marketing Company and Land Bank.

“RED provides all its administrative expertise and its structure of systems and experiences gained in the field of marketing for these companies so that they all adopt a work method based on joint coordination and integration to reach the highest level of unified training for real estate agents, which leads to raising the level of service provided to both the client and the real estate developer,” Bahig stated. 

RED revealed the selection of the members of the alliance according to the determinants and criteria, the most important of which is the element of expertise and competence in the members of the alliance.

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