Scalers Secures USD 1.8 Million Funding to Revolutionize Recruitment

Scalers Secures USD 1.8 Million Funding to Revolutionize Recruitment

•  Funding for Innovation: Scalers, the HR-tech startup, secures USD 1.8 million funding, driving its mission to expedite business growth through innovative and comprehensive recruitment solutions.

•  Revolutionizing Recruitment: The substantial investment fuels Scalers’ commitment to revolutionize the recruitment process, providing hiring managers with a solution that fills roles 10 times faster using pre-qualified talents and rich profiles based on extensive data points.

•  Strategic Investment: Led by Sadu Capital and Access Bridge Ventures, the investment round underscores excitement for Scalers’ disruptive potential in the recruitment industry, leveraging advanced matching algorithms and a SaaS-based platform for a personalized hiring experience.

Saudi-based Scalers, an HR-tech startup, announced the closure of a USD 1.8 million funding round, aimed at revolutionizing the recruitment process for hiring managers. 

This substantial investment fuels the company’s mission to expedite business growth by offering comprehensive recruitment solutions through its online platform.

Distinguished in the HR-tech space, Scalers provides innovative end-to-end recruitment solutions. 

For hiring managers grappling with the recruitment process, Scalers empowers them with a solution that fills roles with high-quality talents 10 times faster. The platform proactively sources talents from various channels for pre-selected job verticals, qualifies them through engaging tests, and instantly matches employers with these talents. 

“Our platform is more than a bridge to high-quality talent; it’s a comprehensive recruitment copilot,” said Mohammed Al-Saeed, Co-founder and CEO of Scalers. “We’re reshaping how hiring managers recruit — smarter, faster, and with better results.”

“In a market with over 1.2 million active businesses on the General Organization for Social Insurance, Scalers’ innovative approach addresses a critical need for efficiency and precision in talent acquisition. 

“The SaaS-based platform combines advanced technology infrastructure and practical recruitment principles, delivering an automated yet personalized hiring experience,” Alsaeed added.

Scalers leverages advanced matching algorithms and a rigorous vetting process to offer a pre-vetted talent pool unmatched in quality. Each candidate profile results from meticulous curation, ensuring hiring managers have instant access to the right talent,” said Mohammed Ghawanni, Co-founder & CTO of Scalers.

The investment round, led by Sadu Capital and Access Bridge Ventures, was excited by Scalers’ potential to disrupt the recruitment industry.

“The Middle East staffing & recruitment market is projected to reach US$ 86.1 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 9.4% from 2023 to 2028. We believe they have the potential to become a major player in the Saudi Arabian recruitment market,” said Qusai AlSaif, CEO and Managing Director of Sadu Capital.

“The value proposition is unmistakable from where we’re standing, and the company is led by a solid founding team that we are thrilled to be backing,” said Rakan Alrashed, Partner at Access Bridge Ventures.

The funds will be invested in further developing Scalers’ product solutions, expanding its hiring offerings, and accelerating its market expansion efforts into new job verticals. 

With this investment, Scalers is poised to consolidate its position as the go-to recruitment solution for hiring managers across various sectors.

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