Serco Acquires Dubai-based Climatize to Bolster Sustainability Efforts

Serco Acquires Dubai-based Climatize to Bolster Sustainability Efforts

•  Strategic Sustainability Acquisition: Serco acquires Dubai-based Climatize, a renowned sustainability and engineering consultancy specializing in green building engineering and sustainability strategies.

•  End-to-End Capabilities for ESG Goals: The acquisition strengthens Serco’s end-to-end capabilities, enabling governments and businesses to achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

•  Impactful Growth and Employment Opportunities: The strategic acquisition not only expands Serco’s capabilities in the region but also contributes to creating employment opportunities, aligning with Serco’s commitment to bringing national visions to life. 

International public services company, Serco announced it acquired multi-award-winning sustainability and engineering consultancy Climatize, according to a company statement.

Founded in 2018, UAE-based Climatize, an ecological leader in green building engineering and sustainability strategies, will bring a wealth of consultancy-based services to Serco, including net zero and green building consultancy, life cycle assessments, resource efficiency management, and integrations of green technologies. To elevate its clients to responsible stewards, the acquisition will ultimately help clients meet their ESG commitments.

The move will further strengthen the firm’s end-to-end capabilities to empower governments and businesses to achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals and impact a better future.

It is not only expected to grow the capabilities of Serco in the region, but it is also expected to create further employment opportunities in the market, as part of Serco’s ongoing commitment to live by its focus of bringing national visions to life.

This strategic acquisition solidifies Serco’s commitment to delivering top-tier sustainability and environmental services within and beyond the built environment sector, with the announcement taking place one year from the successful launch of its Advisory with Purpose division.

Creating a unique ‘first in market’ offering, the acquisition will blend the best of Serco’s international capabilities, regional network, and expertise with the specialist skills and real-world operational experience from Climatize. 

Governments and businesses alike will now be able to benefit from a unique offering to the Middle East, with the acquisition being part of the company’s ongoing strategy to lead with purpose, embedding a sustainability-driven mindset in the heart of the work it does.

Additionally, organizations will be able to show their commitments in a way that also enables them to reduce operational costs through digital asset management, impacting a better future for citizens and residents by providing customer experience expertise, all whilst enabling clients to reach their net zero ambitions.

The acquisition is a first for Serco’s Advisory with Purpose division, which has enjoyed a very successful first year following its launch in early 2023.  

The acquisition is timely as the region is ever-more focused on the environmental agenda in the wake of COP28.

Commenting on the acquisition Phil Malem, CEO of Serco Middle East, said: Sustainability and leading with purpose is no longer simply a choice, it’s an imperative. Doing the right thing is ingrained in each and every one of us here at Serco.

“We are excited that our ethos has been matched in the team at Climatize. With this acquisition, we will not only be able to bolster our advisory capabilities, but we will actively be able to help governments and organizations to accelerate their journey towards net zero, providing a greater suite of ‘end-to-end’ services that benefit both the business and the planet, impacting a better future.

“Engi and the team at Climatize have a relentless passion for what they do, and we’re excited to harness their expertise in purpose-driven sustainability so that we can continue to grow and cement our market position as leaders in our field. 2024 is a pivotal year for us, and we’re thrilled to welcome Climatize to the Serco family as our commitment to sustainability goes from strength to strength.”

Echoing Phil’s thoughts, Engi Jaber, Managing Director of Climatize, commented: “We’ve always had grand ambitions to scale and grow our offering in 2024, and we’re proud to have started the year strong. As soon as we met the team at Serco, we knew that we had a shared passion and culture when it comes to advancing sustainability efforts. 

“The acquisition will enable us to enhance our ability to contribute to more impactful and innovative solutions, whilst expanding our footprint into new markets and sectors, ensuring that the team remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

“Together with Serco, we are entering a new phase of growth and innovation. 2024 is a transformative year for us, COP28 helped put climate change firmly on the agenda – and so we’re looking forward to working hand in hand as part of Serco to bring our unique expertise to governments and organizations to make operating with purpose a business imperative.”

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