Small Businesses Can Now Turn Cashless Using Elves

Can this be a turning point for the use of currencies around the world?
Small Businesses Can Now Turn Cashless Using Elves
Some countries are burning currencies to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Amid global concerns over money-exchange being one of the main factors spreading COVID-19, Elves just launched a feature to enable small businesses to deliver their goods cashless.

That means that businesses that neither have delivery nor online payments can get both via Elves. This feature also applies to yoga and fitness instructors who have put their classes online and are operating in quarantine.

“People are becoming less comfortable about receiving cash because of the risk of infection. And I think we’ll see more of that. Businesses that relied on people coming together in an enclosed space won’t be able to operate for weeks or months.”

Cornelius O’donnell, COO, Elves

Founded in 2016 by Karim El-Sahy and Abeer ElSisi, Elves is chat-based concierge service. It already takes online payments for mobile and electricity bills and does contactless pick-up and delivery.

So far, Elves has signed with Gigi’s, Troufa, Donato’s, NtheKitchen, and From the Farm. If your startup needs this service, you can send an e-mail to [email protected].

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