Thndr Acquires Research License to Provide Investment Recommendations

Thndr Acquires Research License to Provide Investment Recommendations

Thndr Securities Brokerage acquires research license, expanding services to introduce expert investment recommendations through Rumble

.Rumble, a subscription-based service, aims to democratize access to information, providing expert investing recommendations to all investors

.Thndr and Rumble create a powerful synergy, offering a seamless trading platform alongside expert investment insights for smart and confident decisions.

Thndr Securities Brokerage, Egypt’s digital investing platform, is excited to announce its recent acquisition of a research license, marking a significant milestone in its growth strategy.

This license empowers Thndr to broaden its range of services beyond brokerage, introducing expert investment recommendations through its newly established sister brand, Rumble.

With the introduction of Rumble, Thndr is pioneering a new approach by enhancing its services to include actionable research and valuable insights that were previously accessible to a limited audience. Rumble, with its subscription-based service, aims to democratize access to information, providing expert investing recommendations to all investors, and enabling them to build wealth intelligently and confidently.

“Our goal has always been to democratize access to investing. With Thndr, we managed to democratize access to investing through an easy-to-use app and a seamless experience. However, true democratization requires access to information and insights. With Rumble, we’re empowering everyone with the tools and insights needed to make smart investment decisions.”

Ahmad Hammouda, Co-Founder & CEO Thndr said: “Rumble positions itself as the go-to financial advisor for everyone. Through its website, Rumble offers both short- and long-term investment recommendations, guidance on when to buy and sell, and actionable expert insights, helping subscribers navigate the intricacies of the Egyptian investing scene.

Under the leadership of Amr Hussein Elalfy, CFA, as Head of Fundamental Research, and Ahmed Elhefnawi, as Head of Technical Analysis, Rumble is set to provide unparalleled investment advice. Since its soft launch in mid-July 2023, Rumble’s recommendations have outperformed the market by over 15% on average.

“I am thrilled to be part of the Rumble team, which is revolutionizing investment research in terms of content and delivery. By separating research and brokerage brands, we are transforming research from being perceived as a cost center into a dynamic, independent entity that delivers high-quality, previously inaccessible information in a user-friendly manner, while ensuring there is no conflict of interest and maintaining the integrity and reliability of our recommendations, said Amr Hussein Elalfy, CFA, Head of Fundamental Research, Thndr Securities Brokerage

“At Rumble, we are committed to empowering investors with transparent and unbiased insights, fostering a more informed and confident investment community,” Elalfy added.

Ahmed Elhefnawi brings over two decades of diverse experience and a unique perspective to Rumble, including high-stakes trading and asset management roles at prominent firms like Beltone Asset Management and EFG Hermes. Recently, Elhefnawi also assumed pioneering roles in digital gold investment in Egypt.

“As the Chief Technical Strategist at Rumble, I focus on empowering investors to make timely market moves. With Rumble, we’re changing the research game, especially for strategies where timing is crucial. My approach emphasizes quality over quantity, aiming for a 70% success rate to ensure our clients never miss out on profitable opportunities,” added Elhefnawi, Head of Technical Analysis, at Thndr Securities Brokerage

Renowned for its user-friendly trading platform, Thndr has significantly influenced Egypt’s investment landscape. As a market leader, Thndr consistently introduces innovative solutions for both seasoned and new investors. This recent development reaffirms Thndr’s commitment to making investment accessible and comprehensible.

The combination of Thndr and Rumble creates a powerful synergy, offering investors a unique advantage. They can now access a seamless trading platform alongside expert investment recommendations and insights. This union is particularly beneficial to all investors, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to make smart and confident investment decisions.

Thndr and Rumble extend an invitation to the media and the public to explore the new offerings on Rumble. This presents a unique opportunity to witness firsthand how Thndr and Rumble are transforming the investment landscape in Egypt, making it more inclusive and accessible than ever before.

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