TikTok rolls out a native text-to-image AI generator

TikTok rolls out a native text-to-image AI generator
Image Credits: TechCrunch

TikTok has introduced the “AI Greenscreen”, an effect that lets users type a prompt and receive an artificially generated image to use as a background to their videos.

Compared to OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 and Google’s Imagen, TikTok’s effect is significantly limited, but it may have been limited on purpose to adhere to community guidelines. That way, if a user tries to input wording that includes nudity or violence, they are met with abstract imagery.

So far, the filter is being used for a number of emerging TikTok trends, including one where a user enters their name into the generator to see what their “aesthetic” looks like, and another where they enter their birthday. Some users, however, have also tried using the filter to recreate certain body parts.

The new TikTok filter can be accessed by pressing the ‘Effects’ button beside ‘Record’ on the app’s home screen. Users can then type ‘AI Greenscreen’ into the ‘Effects’ search bar and select the logo that says ‘AI’.

Next, a prompt will appear to type a few words. Users can type in anything they want, like a cultural reference or a popular meme.

They can then click ‘Create’ and an image will be generated based on the text. TikTok also makes suggestions for those who are unsure what to type, like ‘flower galaxy’ and ‘astronaut in the ocean’.

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