UAE-based Gaming Startup GameCentric Raises USD1.5M in Funding

UAE-based Gaming Startup GameCentric Raises USD1.5M in Funding

– GameCentric, a Dubai-based gaming platform, secures USD1.5 million investment from Angel Investor Bilal Merchant.

– Funds to fuel platform enhancements and global expansion, aiming to revolutionize gaming experiences worldwide.

– Strategic vision and partnerships propel GameCentric’s growth trajectory, positioning it as a dominant force in the global gaming landscape.

GameCentric, the latest gaming platform in the region, has raised USD1.5 million from Dubai-based Angel Investor, Bilal Merchant. This investment will fuel platform enhancements and expansion beyond GCC & MENA regions, revolutionizing gaming experiences worldwide.

Founded in 2023 by gaming industry veteran Saad Khan, GameCentric’s clear vision and meticulous execution attracted strategic investment. Khan, the CEO, expressed ambitions to transcend borders and become a cultural phenomenon, emphasizing collaborations, community programs, and unparalleled user experiences.

GameCentric plans to evolve into a web3 platform, integrating cryptocurrencies by 2025 to create compelling propositions for brands and gamers.

Partnering with POWReSports, renowned for brand activations in KSA, aims to triple the user base and double game titles over the next two years, catering to the growing gaming market in the MENA region.

The endorsement from industry leaders like LIV, UAE’s largest digital bank, highlights GameCentric’s potential to pioneer innovative customer engagement. With plans for collaborations with game publishers and community-driven programs, GameCentric is poised to dominate the global gaming scene.

The strategic investment propels GameCentric’s growth strategy, paving the way for future fundraising and solidifying its position as a gaming powerhouse.

Future initiatives include B2B2C brand engagement and community-driven programs, fostering long-term brand loyalty in the gaming community.”

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