Wasla Browser Reaches One Million Users and Hits #3 on Google Play

The Egyptian startup is on a mission to democratize internet consumption.
Wasla Browser Reaches One Million Users and Hits #3 on Google Play

Wasla Browser, the world’s first free web browser built to help emerging market users save data and money online, has reached over one million users. Their growth, which remains largely organic has been driven by a growing need for internet access, strategic partnerships, and positive word of mouth.

Today, more than one billion internet users in emerging markets are just scratching the surface of what’s possible online. Wasla Browser believes that basic access to online services creates social, economic and personal growth. With high sensitivity to the cost of mobile data and a lack of accessible payment options continuing to be among the biggest barriers for users to actively discover and consume online services.

That’s why Wasla Browser’s vision is to build a platform where value is given back to everyone using the internet across emerging markets, by ensuring that the internet saves everyone time, money and data.

Wasla’s mobile web browser provides emerging market users with access to cheaper mobile internet, offers and savings on major e-commerce platforms, and simple online payments.

Ever since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, internet access has played a pivotal role in maintaining the health and well-being of the general population. During this time, Wasla Browser has subsidized over 3 million hours’ worth of browsing time for over 1 million users while allowing them to discover trusted online businesses and maintain their daily needs.

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