WAYA Book Club: Tamer Azer, Partner at Shorook Partners

WAYA Book Club: Tamer Azer, Partner at Shorook Partners

Memoris, mysteries and adventures. There’s nothing that packs the beauty of a story like a book. That isn’t to say we’re book elitists. The art form of storytelling spans several mediums, but I think we can all agree the joy of a great book, and having your face crouched in its pages as you turn from one to the other, is like no other. For this week’s WAYA Book Club we turn to Tamer Azer, Partner at Shorook Partners for his top picks of literary works 

Water Music T.C Boyle

In their debut novel, this semi-fictional historical adventure novel follows the tale of two wandering souls’ fates as they collide: Ned Rise, a petty criminal, and Mungo Park, a famous explorer. The book dabbles with, both, the fictional and historical to create a riveting adventure narrative that is revered for its story.

Cockroach by Rawi Hage

A Middle East immigrant moves to the slums of Montreal, and all that ensues are frantically dark and comical events that hook a reader in, to say the least. Written by Canadian author Rawi Hage, this 2008 release is a YA (young adult) favourite for getting absurd, real and crafting a great plot.

How to Kill: The Definitive History of the Assassin by Kris Hollington

What seems like an oddball choice, is actually a compelling look into conspiracies, investigative work and networks operating in the shadows. For the lovers of espionage, this might be for you. How to Kill isn’t just of the elaborate methods that have been used over the last 50 years to bring the demise of 4000 VIPs, it’s a gripping history of how these assassinations, their development throughout our modern world and a peer into the perspective of these assassins. 

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

The famed Hemingway’s posthumously released memoir is full of fascinating tales and recounts by the iconic author and journalist himself during his stay in Paris in the 1920s. His life laid out from his first marriage, to his brushes with other cultural staple icons, and his own day-to-day all explored in this touching memoir.

Finding Nouf by Zoe Ferraris

Mystery, quests and adventure. Just a few themes present in this compelling book by Zoe Ferraris that involves a Palestenian-born desert guide on a journey to recover a wealthy Saudi family’s daughter, and bring her home.

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