Uber to Start E70 Road Trails in Egypt This Week

Uber to Start E70 Road Trails in Egypt This Week
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Uber plans to start road trials of the E70 electric car in Egypt as part of the ride-hailing giant’s global pledge to facilitate zero-emission journeys with all-electric transportation in all markets in which it operates by 2040.

The E70 electric cars will be delivered to Uber drivers during the next week, to be tested on the Egyptian streets, in preparation for their manufacture in Egypt, Hany El Khouly, Managing Director of Nasr Automotive Company said to Masrawy.

Nine drivers have been selected to test drive nice cars. They’ve been selected according to specific criteria for the testing period which will last 3 months. The aim is to achieve trips with a total distance of 30,000 km per car. The drivers will test the car’s endurance capacity and evaluate its quality, assess battery’s efficien and testing the vehicles safety on Egypt’s roads.

Nasr had imported 13 electric cars of the model produced by China’s Dong Feng for testing in Egypt, according to a previous statement from the Ministry of Business Sector.

The electric car E70 is the model to be produced at the Nasr Automobile Company, after ensuring its suitability for the roads in Egypt and making the required modifications. The model will be the first electric car manufactured in Egypt.

Last January, the Nasr Automobile Company signed an agreement with the Chinese company Dong Feng to manufacture the electric car in Egypt, with a production capacity of about 25,000 cars annually.

After the testing period, the experience is evaluated, and the results of the car testing period are discussed and evaluated comprehensively, before the start of manufacturing in Egypt.

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