Your Favorite Instagram Moments of 2020

The most liked news, reporting and coverage of the year on era.'s Instagram profile
Your Favorite Instagram Moments of 2020
Image Sources: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Careem

As the year draws to a close, era. is taking a look back at your favorite moments of 2020. This year has been one like no other and the world has changed significantly over the past 10 months. While economies and countries have been heavily impacted globally, technology and science have been resilient: adapting and driving transformative, meaningful change.

2020 has also been a big year for era., the platform reached over 2,000 followers on Instagram and has published over 300 posts. Moreover, we started publishing written articles on WAYA, allowing our audience to get deeper insights into the latest technology and science news from the region.

The following are the top 10 most liked posts from era.’s Instagram profile. From alternative farming to artificial rainfall to contact-tracing tech, here are your favorite moments during 2020.

1. The Kuwaiti Company Planning To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines Globally

2. Saudi Arabia will launch a cloud-seeding program that could increase rainfall by 20%

3. This farming method could end Kuwait’s reliance on food imports

4. Bill Gates has left Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway boards to focus on philanthropy

Favorite moments 2020 (4)

5. Careem is allowing employees to work from home permanently

6. Apple and Google are teaming up for a new coronavirus tracking project

Favorite moments 2020 (5)

7. Muslims can digitally attend Mecca’s Grand Mosque during Ramadan through Wahi360’s VR experience

Favorite moments 2020 (6)

8. An artist tricked Google Maps by using 99 GPS-active smartphones to simulate a traffic jam

Favorite moments 2020 (7)

9. WhatsApp is launching digital payments

Favorite moments 2020 (8)

10. How MENA and global companies are helping people during coronavirus

Favorite moments 2020 (9)

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