9 Ways to Spruce Up Your Workspace

9 Ways to Spruce Up Your Workspace

The office, no topic has proven to be more controversial in recent history than whether or not the office remains necessary. Love it or hate it, the office is here to stay. Whether you have a hybrid office/work-from-home model or are back at the office five days a week. You’re bound to be spending a few hours a week there. 

So, if you can’t beat them, join them. Make the most of the hours spent at your desk by sprucing it up for maximum comfort and productivity, while also making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. These 9 tips will make life at your desk more bearable, or dare we say it, even enjoyable:

1. Introduce some greenery to your space! In addition to adding a pop of color, plants are proven to boost energy and concentration. They also help purify the air!

Pro Tip: Choose a low-maintenance plant that’s hard to kill! Mashtal has a handy guide that tells you how much water and sun each species needs. Use promo code: WAYAXMASHTAL for 5% off on plants. 

2. Turn your device into an old-fashioned vintage flip clock with this free screensaver. This modern and minimal design will spruce up your screen. Don’t underestimate how much this simple screensaver can add to your desk space aesthetic.

3. Buy this motivational water bottle that helps track your consumption and will make sure you finally stick to that new year’s resolution to drink more water! 

4. This laptop stand will keep you from slouching down for hours straight and it is good for eye strain.

5.  If you’re still worried about your eyes, these blue-light-blocking glasses will make sure you avoid straining them by staring at a screen all day long. 

6. Starting a blank wall while you answer your emails? Add something to look up at! Extend your desk organization to the wall with this calendar, that’ll make sure the whole team is aligned on deadlines. 

7. Is your wall still too plain? Head to gyptian.co! You can shop premium fine art photography prints and customize your frame to best suit your office color scheme. Use the promo code WAYA10 to get 10% off your order. 

8. Shop this double-wall glass mug, it is designed to maintain your beverage’s temperature by not allowing heat to escape or enter, keeping your cool drinks chilled and your hot drinks warm.

9. Order this desk lamp that’ll come in handy for late nights at the office and make your office feel cozier in contrast to all the harsh office lighting. 

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