Bike Taxi Startup IntiGo Raises Over $300,000 in Funding

IntiGo's app was downloaded over 30,000 app times in just three weeks after it launched.
Bike Taxi Startup IntiGo Raises Over $300,000 in Funding
IntiGo provides two-wheeler hail service rides.

Tunisian startup, IntiGo, has raised over $300,000 in funding from angel investors. IntiGo’s investors include Aziz Ketari, Hedi Ketari, Ahmed Mhiri, Welid Mnif, Hedi Hachouch, Slim Bouzguenda, Malek Ben Ayed, and Mehdi Triki.

According to El Borsa, the startup will use the investment to add a food delivery service. It will use the same network of bikes that it uses for passengers to deliver food.

The scooter taxi startup only launched, three months ago. It was founded by entrepreneur and investor Bassem Bouguerra and operations executive Nebil Jridet. IntiGo is a bike taxi startup that allows users to book bike rides in Tunisia that are 20-30% cheaper than a regular taxi. The startup has been able to provide over 11,000 rides in January alone using a small fleet of 50 scooters.

In a statement to MENAbytes, Bouguerra said, “When we did a market study, we found out that scooters as a means of transportation is not well accepted by Tunisians living in the capital. So we decided to purchase attractive looking scooters and mount a roof on top of them. The look and feel of our scooters have made a great first impression and we were pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback we’ve been receiving including hundreds of selfies that people share on social media whenever they ride IntiGo. We had over 30,000 app installs in just three weeks after launching the service.”


“There is a large, untapped market for food delivery in Tunisia.”

Bassem Bouguerra, CEO, Intigo

“There is a large, untapped market for food delivery in Tunisia,” said Bouguerra. Additionally, since their inception, IntiGo has raised a total of $600,000 and plans to use a part of their investment to buy more bikes. The startup hopes to expand to more Tunisian cities where transportation is problematic, within the next few months. It also wants to explore the option of expanding to other African countries.

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