Bus-Hailing Startup SWVL Reports Massive Security Breach

Bus-Hailing Startup SWVL Reports Massive Security Breach
Source: SWVL

Egyptian bus-hailing company, SWVL, has announced that a security breach occurred earlier in the week. The breach forced it to log out all registered users.

The company confirmed that it is still investigating the incident but it says that no passwords or credit card information were exposed to intruders. However, names, email addresses and phone numbers were collected.

In response to the security breach, SWVL says they have regenerated access keys and signed customers out of their accounts. The company urges customers to change their passwords and to create strong passwords that contain letters, numbers and symbols. Additionally, the company called on its customers to warn of any possible calls or emails from impersonators of the company. They have supposedly hired some cybersecurity help to run a scan and forestall a future occurrence.

SWVL stressed its commitment to transparency towards its customers regarding the confidentiality and security of their information. The bus-hailing startup apologized to its customers for the security breach, stressing that it is doing its best to avoid this happening again in the future.

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