Cairo Angels just launched a “Game Changer” for MENA and African startups

Cairo Angels just launched a “Game Changer” for MENA and African startups

The Cairo Angels, a global network of angel investors focused on supporting startup opportunities  in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, is delighted to announce the launch of the Cairo Angels  Syndicate Fund (the Fund), a micro venture capital fund that will invest in early stage startups in  the Middle East and Africa. 

The Fund aims to close and start investment in the first quarter of 2021 and will target startups that are pre Series A and looking to fuel growth and expand regionally. The Fund’s executive team, investment  committee and board will provide a unique value proposition and will leverage their expertise and  relationship capital in order to maximize impact with the investees.  

The Fund has already started fundraising and invites investors who are interested in this exciting  asset class to apply to join as a limited partner in the Fund. The Cairo Angels will be hosting an  information session about the Fund on November 16th.

If you wish to attend, all you have to do is  to register here.

“We are always looking  at ways to bring new ideas and innovation to our region and launching the Fund is the next step  in our evolution. We have enjoyed great success investing in this space and we now want to  democratize access to this exciting asset class to active and passive investors alike. Our new  model will bring something different to the market and provide much needed capital to a clear gap  in the funding life cycle of startups in our region”. 

Aly El Shalakany, a member of the Fund’s investment committee

The Cairo Angels is Egypt’s first formal network of angel investors and is  headquartered in Cairo, Egypt with operations in London, UK covering the European region  and Dubai, UAE covering the GCC region. The Cairo Angels invests in and supports start ups and early stage, high growth businesses across the Middle East and Africa. The Cairo  Angels is a founding member of MAIN, a network of the leading angel investment networks  in the MENA region. 

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