Careem Launches “Order Anything” Delivery Service in Dubai

The service is an evolution of the “Careem Box” launched in 2017 by the company.
Careem Launches “Order Anything” Delivery Service in Dubai
“Order Anything” allows customers to get anything delivered through the app.

Careem announced in a statement, a new service “Order Anything” to operate in Dubai, for now.

The service will allow customers to get whatever they want delivered by Careem’s captains, as long as it weighs a maximum of 7 kilograms and fits in the 32x32x32 box.

“Order Anything was developed as a part of a Careem scheme to offer extensive on demand delivery services to its customers, allowing for ease of their pick up, drop off and shopping needs,” said Gheed El Makkaoui, General Manager at Careem UAE.

The service is an evolution of the “Careem Box”, previously launched by the company in 2017. The product has expanded from delivery to include further services.

The new service offers two options through the Careem Now app, starting from AED 8 ($2.18). “Pick and Drop”, through which captains deliver any desired items to customers, and “Shop and Drop”, where captains shop for any item on the customer’s behalf, for a value up to AED 350 ($95.3).

“As its name states, the new delivery service is available in any place in Dubai and is better than any current similar services in the market, since it is the only one operating on demand, in addition to its ease of use and reasonable cost,” added El Makkaoui in the statement.

According to Careem, customers can select what they need and from where they need it, and select the delivery location. The app also allows users to connect with captains through the comment option to facilitate the delivery process.

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