Delivering Happiness Egypt’s first master class held at Mountain View

Delivering Happiness Egypt’s first master class held at Mountain View

Delivering Happiness’ (DH) subsidiary Delivering Happiness Egypt (DHE), gave their masterclass for the first time in Egypt and the MENA region. The exclusive masterclass took place on the 14th and 15th and was hosted at Mountain View.

DH is a culture coach|sulting®️ company that helps organizations use the science of happiness to co-create adaptable organizations that grow people, profits, and purpose to not just survive, but thrive. 

The masterclass’ focus is experiencing DHE’s five core elements: Values, Connectedness, Control, Progress and Purpose with experiential learning sessions for each component, aligning personal values with company values while developing essential shared behaviors, building a culture of happiness from a foundation of core values, personal and team values exercises, learning how to measure culture to increase your profits, creating a “Culture Action Plan” to align your company’s higher purpose and values.

The objective of the master class is to build a happier workplace that results in more profitable businesses. DHE uses positive psychology, science of happiness and research driven techniques as they reported that happiness of employees increases the company’s innovation by 300% according to a global research. 

Mountain View was DH global’s first client in Egypt; they partnered together in 2016 to implement the “science of happiness” in Mountain View’s HQ building before they launched Delivering Happiness Egypt in 2019.

These partnerships show the developer’s commitment to pioneer and bring innovation to the Egyptian real estate market and be the first to work with international partners.

Some global research also proves that when employees are happier at work their productivity is increased by 21% and their retention increases by 41%, and therefore sales by 37%.

DH Egypt has previously offered customizable and relatable messages to the audience regardless of where they are on their culture journey or the number of employees within their organization either big ones or even small.

DH has worked with over 350 entities globally namely HP, Starbucks, Google, Facebook, and various other Fortune 500 companies, whilst working with Etisalat and Astrazeneca locally.

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