Digital Marketing Lessons from the Pandemic

Ahead of their "Marketing Reloaded" event on April 9th, we have a conversation with Startups Without Borders' Founder Valentina Primo.
Digital Marketing Lessons from the Pandemic
From Startups Without Borders Summit in 2019. Source: Startups Without Borders

The pandemic has taught so many entrepreneurs so many fundamental lessons of survival, one of which is digital marketing can save or kill your business. Startups Without Borders is one business that saw this first-hand and second-hand with the startups in its network, which inspired them to launch a hybrid (on/off-line) event “Marketing Reloaded,” on April 9.

“If we look at the brands that most successfully navigated the Covid-19 lockdown, they were brands that addressed people’s feelings and emotions while being in lockdown; brands that built community and offered value even if that didn’t lead to a purchase right away,” says Valentina Primo, founder and CEO of Startups Without Borders. “I love the example of Nike’s “Play Inside, Play for the World” campaign in the way they build a whole movement around the core values, not only building community when people felt isolated, but also sending out an inspirational message that was perfectly in tune with the brand’s mission statement.”

Based out of Rome, Primo ran Startups Without Borders through the lockdown, which made the business one of the first that quit panicking and started working through this crisis. “We reached out to [the entrepreneurs in our network] and asked how we could support them,” Primo says. “They immediately suggested live lessons, so without a thought we dove into the Quarantine Sessions, and we held the series of live interviews daily all the way through Ramadan.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Startups Without Borders’ Marketing Reloaded will have many stories of success and failure in digital marketing from around the world.

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