Discord introduces Reddit-inspired Forum channels

Discord introduces Reddit-inspired Forum channels
Image Credits: Discord

If you find Discord chat to be overwhelming, you are not alone. Thousands of people feel the same, opting instead to join voice channels to keep up with friends.

That’s why Discord released “Forum channels”, a new type of channel which Discord describes as “a place designed for focused discussions, not just free-range chatting.”

Server mods now have a choice between text channels, voice channels, and forum channels, with the latter allowing them to browse for what’s relevant, or click the icon to show a list of specific conversation threads posted under a given topic.

First announced in February, when the platform tested the feature with a limited number of large communities, forum channels are rolling out immediately across mobile and desktop to servers globally who have community features enabled.

The new forum channel aims to solve Discord’s biggest challenge, how a user finds it impossible to keep up with everything happening in the chat. Now, conversations can be more organized, with people freely joining and leaving without missing out on anything.

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