Disney plans for the Metaverse

Disney plans for the Metaverse
Image Credits: CodeMentor

In a backstage statement to Reuters taken during Disney’s biennial D23 Expo fan convention, Bob Chapek, Chief Executive of Walt Disney Co, described Disney’s vision for the metaverse as “next-generation storytelling.”

He went on to explain that he wants to see the company use data gathered from theme park visits and consumers’ streaming habits, including from Marvel and Lucasfilm studios, to deliver personalized entertainment experiences.

In another interview, Chapek said, “Disney is absolutely a lifestyle. The question is, how is our next-gen storytelling leveraging what we know about a guest uniquely in this Disney lifestyle, then serving up unique experiences.”

Early this year, Disney appointed Mike White, a veteran media and tech executive, to oversee the newly created “Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences” unit and develop a technological toolkit for Disney’s creative executives to employ.

This week, the company also premiered “Remembering” at Disney Plus Day, an eight-minute augmented reality film starring Brie Larson.

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