Egyptian Robot Could Protect Doctors from Coronavirus

Egyptian Robot Could Protect Doctors from Coronavirus

An Egyptian engineer has designed a remote-controlled robot that can take PCR swabs from patients. The invention restricts doctor and patient interaction and thus limits exposure to the virus.

Mahmoud El Komy designed his robot in an effort to help medical staff during the pandemic. After over a month’s work, his current prototype is able to measure temperatures, take PCR mouth swabs, recognize faces that aren’t covered in masks, and advise people on proper healthcare.

While his second prototype proved successful, El Komy says that a third version is currently under works. This version will be able to take nose swabs and will mirror a doctor’s hand movements more accurately.

El Komy hopes that hospitals and clinics can make use of his invention, limiting interaction in what are usually dangerously condensed spaces.

Apart from its use in hospitals, the Egyptian robot can also be used in malls, banks and airports to screen passersby’s temperatures and monitor those not wearing masks.

The Arab world’s most populous country recorded 52,211 confirmed coronavirus cases and 2,016 deaths on June 19.

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