Egypt’s headline inflation slows to 30.6% in April

Egypt’s headline inflation slows to 30.6% in April

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced in its report that Egypt’s annual urban inflation rate reaches 30.6% in April 2023 from 32.7 % in March 2023 for the first time during the nine-month period.

The CAPMAS’s report also shows that Egypt’s annual headline inflation rate dropped to 31.5% this April, compared to 33.9% versus last month.

The report stated that Egypt’s annual core inflation rate is expected to ease to 39.2 % this April from 39.5 % in the previous month. 

Meanwhile, core consumer prices increase by 1.7% in April by 160 points from a 2.7% increase in the previous month.

Since last month, prices of food and beverages in Egypt increased by 2.3 % in April, grain and bread increased by 7% and fish prices increased by 7.3%, and poultry and meat prices increased by 0.9%.

The prices of housing, water, electricity, natural gas, and fuel also increased by 0.6% increase versus last month, and transportation prices went up 0.9 %.

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