Etisalat Ranked as World’s Fastest Mobile Network

Etisalat has been recognized as the world's fastest mobile network provider in 2020 despite surges in demand during local lockdowns
Etisalat Ranked as World’s Fastest Mobile Network

Etisalat has been recognized as the world’s fastest mobile network provider by Ookla, the global internet speed test service. Between January and July, Etisalat provided the world’s fastest mobile download speeds in the United Arab Emirates, with an average download speed of 115.89 Mbps. During the Ookla Speedtest Awards 2020, the Emirati company was recognized for its “commitment to delivering fast speeds for their customers.”

Speaking about the recent achievement, Etisalat Group Acting CEO, Hatem Dowidar, stated, “this is a milestone achievement and a testament to our relentless efforts towards our strategy and vision to ‘Drive the digital future to empower societies’.”

He later added, “we will continue to focus on creating the world’s best and leading networks across our markets to deliver long-term value to all our stakeholders.”

Globally, the UAE has become one of the fastest countries for both mobile and fixed internet speeds. In addition to the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar currently rank in the top ten countries globally for mobile internet. All three countries provide average internet speeds in excess of 76 Mbps, according to Ookla. Moreover, Saudi Arabia was recently recognized for having the world’s fastest 5G download speeds.

Check out how MENA mobile internet speeds compare

MENA rankGlobal RankCountryAverage Download Speed (Mbps)
13🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates
24🇶🇦 Qatar92.85
37🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia76.37
417🇰🇼 Kuwait57.39
536🇧🇭 Bahrain42.85
637🇱🇧 Lebanon42.15
748🇴🇲 Oman39.20
852🇲🇦 Morocco37.20
969🇹🇳 Tunisia29.92
1077🇮🇷 Iran27.02
1186🇯🇴 Jordan23.69
1295🇸🇾 Syria21.66
13100🇪🇬 Egypt20.01
14128🇱🇾 Libya12.57
15129🇩🇿 Algeria12.33
16130🇮🇶 Iraq12.24
17137🇵🇸 Palestine7.71
Source: Speedtest Global Index, September 2020. No data available for Yemen

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