‘Farm to Fork’  gathers stakeholders in food industry to raise food sustainability awareness

‘Farm to Fork’  gathers stakeholders in food industry to raise food sustainability awareness

Cairo hosted the 3rd edition of the ‘Farm to Fork’ event, organized by the visual digital food content Zest, and gathered various Food enthusiasts, media representatives, and influential personalities. 

The event included a round table, held by Giovanni Angiolini; Director of Market & Business Development MEA + APAC for Priva; Adel El Shentenawy, Founder & CEO of Hydrofarms; Dareen Akkad, What the Crust?, Co-Founder & Chef; and Sarah Khanna; Chef & Food Blogger.

Farm to Fork community aims to enhance food supply ecosystems by engaging stakeholders and building community; exploring ways to achieve this goal through knowledge, connections, and investment. 

Farm to Fork partners involve Zest, Nakoll, Hydrofarms, and the UNDP Accelerator lab.

Zest is a Gastro storyteller who creates appealing visual digital food content in Egypt.

Shady Ahmed, Co-founder & CCO of Zest said: “We believe in building communities to address the problems we’re facing and find solutions together. The community we’re building here is farm to fork, connecting farmers and chefs from end to end, and the stakeholders.’

The discussion tackled various aspects such as enhancing the food supply chain ecosystem in Egypt, how to create a value chain, how local resourcing is crucial, and how to localize F&B brands.

Khalid Alazem; Co-founder & CEO of Nakoll said “The Farm to Fork (F2F) movement was initiated from a real partnership between different players of the food community in Egypt: Nakoll, Zest, and Hydrofarms. The F2F community that we’re building is growing very fast and I’m happy to announce that it’s expanding to the MENA by having our first F2F popup in Saudi this October. We see the value of our MENA expansion in linking the F2F communities across our region, to learn from each other and grow together.

Adel El Shentenawy, Founder & CEO Hydrofarms said: ‘We thrive by building better food ecosystems, by connecting the farm and the fork together and building a food community and culture by sharing ideas, knowledge, and solving problems over food, to help build a sustainable food system for the whole region’.

As Farm to Fork continues to educate the public and enhance food-related topics, it is also worth mentioning that Farm to Fork will be hosting a special pop-up dinner in Saudi Agriculture’s 40th Edition in Riyadh in October.

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