Flowwow marketplace invests $6m to expand to MENA

Flowwow marketplace invests $6m to expand to MENA

Flowwow, a gifting marketplace based in Hungary, is expanding its services in the Middles East and North Africa (MENA) region, starting with the United Arab Emirates with plans to invest $6 million.

“The MENA region has a growing economy with exciting opportunities created for entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, and industries. UAE is distinguished as a commercially affluent destination. It doesn’t only have a strong economy that enables rapid growth but also demonstrates the rise of the e-commerce and retail industry with a high volume of online orders. It has easy setup options and ownership regulations for startups as well,” Slava Bogdan, CEO & co-founder, told WAYA.

The startup will invest $6 million into international scaling, team development, and marketing plans. Through the expansion, Flowwow is planning to attract UAE local brands to their marketplace. To achieve its mission to help local businesses develop and scale their sales, Flowwow will provide a platform, marketing instruments, access to loyal repeat customers, and a community of like-minded sellers. 

“Flowwow is planning to direct $6 million to the international team expansion, marketing promotion, and product localization. As for the marketing, we will direct investments to come up with campaigns to attract local brands – sellers, and customers. As we’re expanding globally, it’s vital for us to stay handy and user-friendly for all people all over the world, whether it’s a person from Dubai or Spain. That’s why localization is our priority,” Bogdan added to his conversation with us.

Using the company’s mobile app, customers can order flowers, cakes, and handmade & craft items, from jewelry to vintage clothing. The market aims to simplify the process of gift-giving, providing innovative customer service: same-day delivery, product photo before delivery, and a curated list of products from local brands.

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