From Passion to Profit: Insights from Ibrahim Serag, TruKKer Egypt’s GM

From Passion to Profit: Insights from Ibrahim Serag, TruKKer Egypt’s GM

For us, the word capacity means more than how the dictionary defines it as “the maximum amount that something can contain.” I believe gracing beyond your capacity is the wonder drug required in today’s complex network of businesses that cater to digitally native customers. To achieve your goals you have to go off-limits and challenge yourself by taking different approaches. 

There can be numerous hold-ups, and you might doubt and stumble sometimes, but all this can be a silver lining if you never stop. It’s the execution-focused culture and a battle-tested playbook, followed by our TruKKer leadership across the regions and markets we operate in. 

My career as a lawyer-turned general manager happened as I stayed true to my passion for the logistics industry after a rewarding career in legal. I always knew the fallouts of a career change but the upsides always seem more convincing when you calculate risks and step forward. Always remember that there is no knowledge that is no power. 

One can easily extrapolate their learnings from the past stints and leverage them in the current one – my legal career taught me to think rationally and factor in everything with only logic. Logistics is all about right decisions at right times – and that’s what exactly a legal professional thrives in with always. 

I have a Master’s degree in Law from Cairo University and joined TruKKer as a legal counsel ensuring all the compliances are met and merged into the business. During my legal days at TruKKer, I knew my goal was to scale our business in Egypt and help TruKKer become the lifeblood of the most prominent supply chains.

I always maintain my 3Ps rule whenever I would set out for a new journey or perform a root-cause analysis of a chronic problem. It’s easy – Plan. Plan. Plan.

My advice to the budding entrepreneurs is never let any naysayers get the best of you. Be willing to take risks. Only then, you will be able to contain them and become future-proof. All you need is a solid, absolutely workable plan and of course the resolve to make it work out.

TruKKer’s Growth Journey and the Egyptian Freight Market:

At TruKKer, we build everything actionable and real-time. Solutions that relieve the chronic stresses of land freight and ensure good business for the drivers. All this was a part of the plan from day one – all we did was we never lost our focus. Today our freight ecosystem powers entire middle east’s critical land supply chains. And our platform is opening new ways of steady incomes for our driver communities. 

When we first started operating in Egypt, the road freight space was ripe for disruption, but there was less synchronization. The land freight industry in Egypt is over $15 billion, and there are over 1.5 million trucks. 

The Egyptian logistics industry is evolving to become one of the major trading nations by creating a wide range of opportunities for the logistics service providers. The Egyptian logistics expenditure is expected to cross $50 billion by 2024.

At TruKKer we aren’t just a large land freight MENA network, we act more like a think-tank with innovation-first approaches. We decided to apply platformization, trying to bring together the fragments of the trucking industry through data-led innovations. 

Today, we move for over 250+ enterprise clients in Egypt, mostly blue chip companies that contribute to the national economy and connectivity. Each year, our inland network of over 12,000 trucks scans almost 2.6 million miles.

We do cross-border trade with countries like Sudan, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, KSA, Jordan, Libya, and Palestine. In the upcoming period, we will continue to remain focused on the mobility sector and keep identifying automation, digitization, and improved user experience opportunities. In terms of expansion, we have a goal to deepen our innovation portfolio and presence in CIS, Eastern Europe, and other EU regions.

TruKKer’s growth has been aggressive over the years, and its freight network weaves road logistics in 8 countries for more than 700 enterprise customers. The TruKKer Engineering Center in Bangalore, India, is the brain behind this heavily sophisticated freight network.

Our network is one of MENA’s first and largest digital freight ecosystems that integrates demand and supply for land freight services based on real-time data analytics. The journey ahead is more enriching. As we integrate more shippers and carriers into our platform, the network becomes more complex and interesting, taking our whole innovation game to the next level. 

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