Jedo Expands in Saudi Arabia With Acquisition of Jump-in App

Jedo Expands in Saudi Arabia With Acquisition of Jump-in App

•  Strategic Acquisition: Jedo has successfully acquired the Jump-in App, strategically aligning with its global expansion vision, particularly targeting the vibrant Saudi Arabian market. 

•  Enhanced Market Presence: The acquisition strategically bolsters Jedo’s market presence in Saudi Arabia, expanding its user base. Leveraging Jump-in App’s unique capabilities, Jedo is set to revolutionize the trip planning experience by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform.

•  Transformation of Tourism Landscape: Jedo aims to leverage the dynamic culture and growing tourism industry of Saudi Arabia. Collaborating with key stakeholders and utilizing cutting-edge AI, Jedo is poised to transform the tourism landscape by offering personalized and authentic travel experiences. 

Dutch Jedo has announced it acquired Jump-in App in a strategic move that aligns seamlessly with the company’s global expansion vision, particularly in the thriving Saudi Arabian market. 

This strategic partnership, undertaken with Eradah Studio, highlights Jedo’s dedication to innovation and growth.

The acquisition of Jump-in App strategically enhances Jedo’s market presence and widens its user base in Saudi Arabia. 

Leveraging Jump-in’s unique capabilities, Jedo aims to redefine the trip-planning experience by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI).

Collaborating with key stakeholders such as Plug&Play and local tourism authorities, Jedo is poised to use cutting-edge AI to transform Saudi Arabia’s tourism landscape, offering personalized and authentic travel experiences.

This acquisition goes beyond technology integration; it signifies the merging of talents and visions. 

The Jump-in team will play a crucial role in Jedo’s operational strategies and the development of new partnerships within the Kingdom. 

The dual focus is on enabling locals to discover the wonders of their own country and providing international travelers with an authentic Saudi experience. Jedo is committed to adapting its platform to meet the unique needs and preferences of the Saudi market.

The Jedo team’s current focus is refining the platform to better suit the distinct characteristics of the Saudi market. 

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