UAE-based Cleantech Zeroe Secures USD 2.2 Million in Funding

The investment accelerates Zeroe's mission to facilitate decarbonization and transition to net zero.
UAE-based Cleantech Zeroe Secures USD 2.2 Million in Funding
  • UAE-based cleantech startup Zeroe secures $2.2 million funding led by Indonesian investor Owen Rahadiyan to expand its presence in decarbonization.
  • The funding provides strategic access to Southeast Asian growth markets for Zeroe, which offers a software platform enabling businesses to monitor and report carbon emissions.
  • Zeroe’s investment-accelerated mission focuses on facilitating decarbonization and the transition to net zero, aligning with the UAE’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 as per the Paris Agreement’s long-term strategies.

UAE-based cleantech startup Zeroe has announced it secured $2.2 million in funding to bolster its presence in the decarbonization sector, according to a statement. 

The funding, led by Indonesian investor Owen Rahadiyan, provides access to key Southeast Asian growth markets.

Zeroe’s software platform aids businesses in monitoring and reporting carbon emissions, equipping them with tools to reduce their carbon footprint and align with sustainable finance networks. 

The investment accelerates Zeroe’s mission to facilitate decarbonization and transition to net zero, following a successful platform launch for enterprise customers in the UAE. 

CEO Farouk Jivani emphasized the capital’s significance in realizing the company’s vision amid the growing urgency to address climate change. 

The UAE aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement’s long-term emission reduction strategies.

The Paris Agreement’s long-term goal is to limit the increase in global average temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, with efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This ambitious target is aimed at preventing the most severe impacts of climate change.

Additionally, the agreement emphasizes the need for countries to enhance their efforts to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions and to strengthen resilience to the impacts of climate change

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