Jordan’s Edunation Raises $3 Million From Rubix VC

Jordan’s Edunation Raises $3 Million From Rubix VC
Source: Arab News

Edunation, an all-in-one digital school and learning management system, recently locked in $3 million after their latest funding round with Rubix, a US-based investor.

Today, the Jordanian startup is a proud partner to some of the MENA region’s top academic institutions. Their mission is to provide a fully functional remote campus, tailored to each client, from pre-schools to high-schools, and even universities.

Edunation’s take on ed-tech is quite holistic in its approach, meaning they go beyond learning management systems to build a more comprehensive virtual school offering. The platform provides solutions that seamlessly tie together the functions of courses, exams, assessments and even finance. This way, clients are able to utilize such a variety of functions all in one place, rather than subscribing to a host of other different platforms. This comes through a highly customizable set of modules to help schools support their entire community, from students and their parents to teachers and management teams.

The start-up’s latest capital infusion is expected to help propel its growth in existing markets across Jordan, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, and UAE, and drive further expansion into Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, and beyond. This marks a new and exciting stage of growth as Edunation sets on its way to becoming a leading ed-tech provider in
the region.

“We have been following Edunation for the last couple of years” said Rubix. “We were keen to invest given the company’s strong standing and clear potential to be at the forefront of the MENA ed-tech scene”.

Founded in 2013 by partners Firas Jabbour, CEO and Mahmud Gabareen, CTO, with the aim of transforming the education sector through technology. Edunation showed promising signs of success from the beginning by securing their pre-seed investment in 2014 and another seed round in 2019, in both instances, from angel investor Dr. Abdul Malek Al Jaber.

More recently, the company witnessed an astonishing 1,200% growth of users on its platform over the past year, as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, triggered an urgent need for schools to switch gears and adapt to an increasingly remote presence.

Edunation’s response was swift and focused on helping clients make the transition of operating digitally, a feat achieved practically overnight. This sudden increase in demand needed to be met with increased performance. The digital experience had to remain reliable for all its users, new and old. Edunation has been adopting the latest technologies to uphold the platform’s performance to ensure smooth operation, with virtually no downtime. The company also pursued cross platform integrations with various partners, providing virtual learning tools from some of the most advanced systems out there.

The road surely does not stop here. Edunation intends to utilize the funds in developing the platform even further and simultaneously growing its community. For that, Jabbour has emphasized the importance of attracting exceptional local talent as they set up a data-science division to lead the company’s move towards adopting AI, and developing on the beta version they released back in mid-2020. Founders believe this will be a game-changer for students, parents, schools, and teachers. Not only with how they interact with the platform, but also what they can gain from features, such as detailed insights and reports to identify trends, gaps, issues, and areas of improvement.

Edunation is one of those companies proving that ed-tech is indispensable in today’s age. A series of successes signals only the beginning, as the founders intend to keep up the momentum. All while making sure that the educational ecosystem is not only uninterrupted today, but also that it is thriving through digital transformation in the years to come.

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